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Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Update for Y'all!

Well, I am half way through this semester.
8 weeks until Christmas break! WOW~
And then after this only one semester left in the classroom....
and then moving on to the required pharmacy rotations.
Time is really flying by!
I am SO happy to have a break from school.
A long weekend
and my Rock gets a long weekend home as well.

I have not really elaborated on all the changes
in our lives in the last 2 months.
I have basically been in

single mommy mode.
My husband and I have been adjusting to his new job
and he has been out of town during the week
since mid-August.....
It has been a tough transition.
But, we are still excited about
all the changes on the horizon.

We are moving to......

Cincinnati, OHIO (!!!)

That seems to be
the place to be!

My Rock will be relocating as early as mid-January
and the kids and I will meet up with him
as soon as we can.
(Most of my rotations are
required to be completed in NC)
*insert sad face*

We are actually looking at moving to
the Northern Kentucky area.

Boone County looks nice.

We have heard through
the grapevine that it is:

1. more rural
2. more family friendly
3. has good schools
4. low cost of living
5. big houses with great prices
6. very close to Cincinnati
7. not horrible traffic/commute
8. only slightly colder than NC

It feels overwhelming to think of all the
changes that are in store for us.
I just hope and pray that everything
falls into place nicely.

This is one of the few pics
I could find online from the area.

At least they still say "Y'all" there!
Maybe it will feel like home after all....


Foursons said...

Oh wow! That is a big change! Good luck!

Lisa said...

I would love to move....been in the same house for 15 years, same town for 30! I'm not looking forward to another Maine winter... :( Good for you, and good luck over the winter, with school and the move, and all of the adjusting!

Deciduous Heather