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Monday, October 26, 2009

I Choose Joy

I have so much to be thankful for.....I could waste time thinking about how I wish things were different, or how this week is going to be so hard, or why doesn't it get any easier....

OR I can see all the blessings that are right around me, all the opportunities that we have been given,
and all the life and happiness in my childrens' eyes. They are depending on me....

So, I choose JOY.

Joy in the
little moments.

Silly times with the kids.

"Cooking with Karsen", she loves being in the kitchen with me
and claims that she will have a Food Network show called...
you guessed it! "Cooking with Karsen"

Joy at the NC State Fair!
We had fun even in the rain!

It was great to catch up with some of our favorite friends!
During a weekend that went by way too fast!

Joy at home.....blessed beyond belief.

Chicken and Pastry is slowly cooking on the stove,
it's the kids' fave so they will be very happy.
It is gray, cold, and rainy outside, so that should warm us right up!
We have a lazy night at home planned as we tackle
the normal routine of homework, supper, cleaning up, bath-time...
to get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

And in the morning, when I am given the choice
I will choose Joy, yet again.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Thanks for this post! I will choose Joy in the morning too. Hey, that sounds like a neat blog name! :)

Deciduous Heather