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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

I am the type of person that likes consistency....
I like to know when things are going to happen,
and I usually have a plan.....I am a planner.
That is just how I roll!


Change is good.

When things gets unpredictable, inconsistent,
or when all sorts of unknowns are flying around all over the place....
well, um......it drives me crazy!

I got one word for you=anxiety.

This specifically applies to my life, our lives, right now.

School is predictable.
It is still hard, still challenging, still pushing me to my limits.
I can do predictable any day of the week.

But LIFE....lately,
has NOT been predictable...
anything but, actually.

My Rock has a new job.
It will potentially mean
a MAJOR relocation is on the horizon for our family.....

a NeW state
a NeW city
a NeW house
a NeW school for the kids
NeW neighbors
a NeW LiFe
for all of US.....

Change is good, right.

Well, maybe I can say that and actually mean it,
once we figure out
where we are going,
when we are going there,
and maybe once everything falls into place.
As I know they will.

Change is GOOD, right?!
Somebody agree with me ALREADY!!

After all, home is where the heart is.

And my heart is with him.
Wherever he goes, I go.

Throughout this whole process
WE have prayed without abandon
for His will to be done.

I know His Will is the right path for our family.
He would not lead us astray.

So whichever way the wind blows....

I will follow.

So wherever that takes US,
I promise to be open to change....
(and maybe even embrace it).


Foursons said...

I am EXACTLY the same way. Routine, consistency, sameness. I NEED it. Once you get a definite yes or no that you are moving and can plan or not plan you will feel better. You just need to not be in limbo.

karlie and brett said...

I so hear you on this post...it is exactly 100% how I am feeling lately too! SOOOO much anxiety over everything. But we go where they go...you are right! It's a new adventure! =)

Deciduous Heather