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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Remember One Fall

“ think of all the beauty still left
around you and be happy.” —anne frank

Our Family
November 2005
Chimney Rock, NC

I remember one Fall....
we took off for Western NC;
What a beautiful trip.
We spent a day fishing
at Lake Lure.

Didn't catch a thing.

They filmed parts of "Dirty Dancing" there.
I love that movie.
I looked for Johnny and Baby.

It was our Flower's
4th birthday weekend.
She celebrated the whole weekend.

We used walkie-talkies to chit-chat
back and forth
as we climbed up the mountain.
Our call signs were:

Grey Wolf (daddy)
Brown Halo (mommy)
Flower Dream (daughter)
Bear Claw (son)
Over and Out.

We had a blast.
We later dropped one walkie-talkie
in the lake.
Oh well, they were fun
while they lasted.

We bought ribeyes
and all the fixins'
at local grocery store
so we could stay in our cabin
and eat by the fireplace.

The driveway
to our secluded cabin in the woods
scared me to death
as it curved 3 times to the bottom.
But, it was the perfect location.

We looked for bears---
with baited breath.

I was (kinda) relieved that we did not find them.
Don't tell our Sun that.

We slept late on king-sized beds
covered with country quilts.
Ate breakfast at a local
Mom and Pop joint
that served strong coffee
as we headed out of town.

I froze as we drove down the mountains
it was 50 degress outside,
and I announced that
Fall was definitely here.

The leaves were still beautiful.
Golden browns, burnt umber,
Earth tones all around.
My Rock loves this part of the state
and he pulled over
to snap this picture.

In an attempt to capture
the depth of simple beauty,
the curvy roads,
the breath-taking mountains,
and the hidden driveways that seem to go

Buffalo Shoals Road
was our favorite stretch.
It looked like the perfect place
for the good life.

I want to go back.
With my Family.
Maybe this Fall.
It's almost here.


Foursons said...

Beautiful- I'd love to visit there too! And Brown Halo? Not golden?

Foursons said...

WiddlyTinks.com is where I got my silouhette. (spell ck on that word!)

Deciduous Heather