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Friday, September 18, 2009

Right Now.....

Our Sun, 9 years old, almost ten. Right now he is crazy about science, magic, Star Wars, and Happy Potter. Right now he would eat pizza everyday for each meal if I let him, and he usually eats more than me on any given day. Right now he is growing like a weed, and we have to go buy new blue jeans this weekend. Size 14 slim. His feet are bigger than mine, see?

Right now, he is still super protective of his little sister and he is in that "in between" stage.....5th grade. Right now he still believe in magic, Santa, ghosts and aliens. I hope he never loses his willingness to believe in things that can't be seen or explained......He is still my sweet little boy, for right now.

Our Flower, 7 going on 17, is blossoming into a little diva. She is crazzzy about Taylor Swift, jeans skirts, hot pink toenail polish, and stick on ear rings right now. She is my little dreamer...

Right now we love to sing out loud on our way to and from school every day, and for now she thinks her Mom is a pretty good singer. For a moment there is nothing wrong in the world, as we zoom down our two-lane country road blaring...."Can't you seeeeee, you belong with meeeeee?!!" Right now our days are punctuated with mini concerts on a whim, dance routines just because, and practicing gymnastics in the living room. Fun girl stuff.

Right now, she still lets me pick out most some of her clothes....as we discuss some of her more inappropriate independent choices; right now I usually win those little battles. I know one day she will try to spread her wings a little more as she grows up.....Right now, it seems like she can barely wait.

Right now she loves cooking with me; making cupcakes, brownies, salads, and pancakes. My little helper. We have spa time and do each others' toe nails and plan her next birthday party, or where we will shop that weekend, or what kind of skirt her friend had on at school that "was awesome"!! Right now, she loves school and does well in anything she attempts. I hope she never loses that confidence and belief in herself....... and never ever lets anyone take that away.

They are growing up so fast, and they amaze me daily. I can't imagine loving them more than I do right now. But I know I will. Right now, I feel like one incredibly blessed Mommy.

1 comment:

Foursons said...

You ARE one incredibly blessed Mommy! You children are gorgeous, smart, talented....

Deciduous Heather