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Saturday, February 11, 2012

we all fall down

Karsen fell last night, and then I fell off the wagon. Let me explain....

Last Saturday I woke up with a MAJOR migraine. I drank coffee, I took a shower, I took ibuprofen, I drank more coffee. By Sunday it was worse. By Sunday night, I was ready to die and had taken enough ibuprofen to kill a small child. I had tried all my normal tricks and it was worse. Monday, I went to work, and all day I felt like I had only one eye that was working and I wish I had a pirate patch on the other eye. Light, noise, and motion were all killing me. I made it through the day and then decided maybe I had been having TOO much coffee lately and that was actually causing my headache. I decided to give up coffee and see if that helped. *GASP! I love coffee, so these were strong words!

After a fairly exhausting week, we were sitting down last night to eat, and I hear pretty solid thump and then a whimper from the other room. Karsen had slipped and fallen on the hardwood floors. I came around the corner pretty quickly and saw she was still laying where she had fallen and she kept saying "OW, my ARM, OW my arm, Mommy OWWWWWW my ARM"


I didn't see it happen, I just heard it. It was like there is button in the Mommy brain that is just pushed and knows instantly when your child is hurt. I knew it when I heard a noise that I had never heard her make. The button was pushed, and I just knew SOMETHING was broken.

We iced her arm, gave her Motrin and waited an hour to see if she could move it without it hurting. It was basically limp, and she couldn't move it without using her other hand to lift it up. Off to Urgent Care we went.

One hour and two X-rays later, the doctor comes in and says, "Well, Karsen, you broke your humurus." She just started giggling..... LOL

On the way home, I pulled into my favorite coffee spot before I could stop myself, it was like I was on autopilot, and I ordered my favorite large coffee. So, technically I fell off the wagon.

She fell and then I (fail)ed. We all fall down. Oh well!

I love coffee and coffee loves me.

As we were pulling into the driveway Karsen said "I always wanted to know what it would feel like to break your arm". Well, now you know, sweet girl.

1 comment:

Foursons said...

Oh no!!!! I hope she's not in to much pain. And for what it's worth, I totally think a coffee was in order after that ordeal.

Deciduous Heather