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Thursday, February 2, 2012

little known facts about the author

Did you know.....

that my ears stick out?

that I used to have sideburns and bangs when I was a little girl? (seriously, Mom?)

that I think and talk in song lyrics and movie lines that run through my head?

that I used to have and LOVE the RECORD "Parents just don't understand" and play it over and over again? I still love Will Smith (his ears stick out too) Ha!

that I once danced in a school talent contest in the 6th grade? (and haven't danced like that since...)

that I am a middle child and possess all of the middle child tendencies....

that when my high school guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up...I replied, "A Mom" *big grin* (You should've seen her face...)

that I not only talk in song lyrics, but I also tie memories closely to songs. For example, yesterday I heard Milli Vanilli's "girl, I'm gonna miss you" song on the radio, and I remember sitting in my closet in the 7th grade listening to this song over and over again and crying because Allen Taylor didn't like me. LOL *1990

that I love pickles almost more than any other food in this world. Love them. I loved them pregnant, I loved them when I was little, I love them still. My nickname when I was younger was "Picklehead" Nice.

that I am not very close to my Mom and it makes me sad?

that I am super close to my big sister and I miss her?

that my sister in law sent me a pic of our old swingset that we passed along to them and their 3 kids....and I started crying when I saw it. We *just had that in our backyard. Our kids were *just that little. Swinging and laughing and being adorably 2 and 4 years old? How did time fly by that fast?

that I still battle "baby fever" from time to time? (obviously....)

that I have no desire to travel overseas....haven't you all seen the movie "Hostel"?!

that vocal tics drive me crazy? and ventriloquists scare me? but that I love scary movies?

and that I can be the most random person ever? I bet you already figured that out though. Ha!

1 comment:

karlie said...

I love this post. So fun to read about YOU! When oh when are we going to plan to meet up again? Maybe we should Skype! Love you guys!

Deciduous Heather