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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child

I am so thankful for my brother, Wesley....

and to for my big sis, Suzanne....

for helping me so much with the kids this past month.

Aunt Suzy has picked the kids up from school,
made their breakfast, made their beds,
 fixed afterschool snacks, made "Mommy-esque"homework threats,
gone grocery shopping and has likely almost gone crazy...
but she has done this with a happy heart.

Uncle Wesley has come by to infuse some much-needed testosterone
into the house for Dylan's sake.
They have played XBOX360 and talked about comic books,
and have eaten a ton of pizza and popcorn in the meantime.
Ya know, things Momma can't do.

I really couldn't have made it through the last month
without my family's help!


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