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Monday, August 20, 2012

lake lure

Last week we went on our last trip of Summer 2012. We have always loved the mountains of NC, so we went back to one of our favorite spots.

Lake Lure, NC!

Here was the view from the deck of our house. We found the house on VRBO, and it was awesome! You never know if the pictures will reflect the rental they advertise, but this house just oooozed with charmed, and it was a perfect fit for our family for the week!

Lake Lure is tucked about 45 minutes south of Asheville. From Asheville it is only ~20 miles but the roads are two lane, and there are some pretty precarious hair pin turns. It is a pretty drive! Lake Lure just so happens to be where they filmed Dirty Dancing way back when. They have an annual Dirty Dancing festival and everything; it's basically their claim to fame.

Aside from that it is a sleep little town that forces you to slow down, relax and unwind; which is exactly what our family was needing!

The first day we did a whole bunch of nothing! After the long drive and having left at 4:00am in the morning (Chris' idea, not mine!) , we were SO tired when we got there! We took a long family nap, and looked forward to whatever the week brought our way.

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