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Monday, August 20, 2012

lake lure-fun in the sun

We spent the first day at Lake Lure, recuperating from the drive. On Sunday morning, we all woke up ready to explore the area! We didn't have to go far. Just 88 steep steps away, was the entire lake!

We fished......

Dylan jumped.....

Karsen jumped too!

Chris enjoyed some quiet time on the kayak.

He explored the whole lake early in the mornings while we slept in. (That's what I call a win-win).

and we all swam!

It was pretty close to a perfect day. This last picture cracks me up. It looks like I told the kids to smile big as they possibly can. I didn't! I just said, "Smile if you're having fun!"...and we all were. Their smiles pretty much sum up how we all felt about spending a week in such a beautiful place!

1 comment:

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

love the smiles, the pics - it screams summer vacation!

and the sleeping in part = heaven.

Deciduous Heather