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Sunday, March 25, 2012

(perfectly) lazy weekend

This weekend has been particularly lazy. It has involved a lot of bacon, sleeping in, RedBox movies, NASCAR, and NCAA college basketball. Not necessarily in that order.

Dear DUKE,
You broke my heart this year.
It just wasn't our year.....sigh.
I still love BIG!


I just woke up from a nap and decided I should blog. Well, I woke up from my nap, felt munchy so I proceeded to binge on a bag of gummy bears, and then I decided to blog. If you wanna get all technical.

Dylan started the weekend in an exciting way by going to see The Hunger Games with the entire 7th grade. I was just slightly jealous! If you're a fan then you would like to know that Dylan gave it 7 out of 5 stars and it was SOOOOO AWESOME!

(goolge images)

Have you read the books? I just finished the final book today (just before that nap I already mentioned). I have to say, I was a skeptic. I started reading them when I found out Dylan was going to see it for a field trip. I figured I should know what he would be watching.

Did I mention I loved the books? Katniss, Peeta, and Gale....I love a good love triangle. I love Peeta!

Next weekend we will be traveling to TN to meet Chris' parents. The kids will be spending their Spring Break with them in NC. I am going to go ahead and forewarn you, I may be extra sentimental that week and bombard my blog with old pictures of Dylan and Karsen from when they were little. :( I will miss them SO much...but I know it will be a good week for them.

They are excited to visit with their grandparents in NC and their Granny and cousins in SC. Chris and I also have some fun things planned while they are away. We will be going to a concert of Chris' favorite singer EVER! Stay tuned to see who....I will surely post pics. I have a (much-needed) spa day planned, AND we plan to go see The Hunger Games! Yay!

So this perfectly lazy weekend should off-set the crazy busy week and weekend of travel we have coming up. That's my hope anyway!

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1 comment:

Foursons said...

Oh my, how will you handle them being gone for that long and so far away?! I know they'll have a great time, but I'm sure you're going to miss them like crazy.

Deciduous Heather