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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month! I guess that last post, as emotionally-ridden as it was....took alot more out of me than I realized. LOL

I have no idea what I have been so busy doing... The weeks just have a way of flying by and here we are a month later. I have a lot of random things to catch up on, so let's get started.

Karsen has her other arm back finally. Remember when she broke her arm in a freak accident at home? She did not get a cast because the break was very high on the humerus. We have X-rays to prove it! The break was very close to her shoulder actually, so she spent 5 weeks in a contraption called a sling and swath.

It didn't slow her down too much. She was out of gymnastics and piano of course. Here we are decorating cupcakes (one-handed) on a Saturday afternoon. While she was very sad about not being able to go to gymnastics, it didn't hurt her feelings at all to miss piano. LOL We followed up with an orthopedic surgeon at the Children's Hospital here, and at week #5 they said she was good to go. She is now sling-free, but she won't be back in gymnastics action for at least 8 more weeks. Piano lessons have resumed :)

Her arm was so thin when she took the sling off. I knew her muscle would atrophy, but I was shocked by how small her arm was. We are working some indoor physical therapy exercises to get it back to normal. I am sure time will take care of that!

I think she was mostly happy to have her sling off so that could wear "cute shirts again!"

One Saturday recently we spent an afternoon at Barnes and Noble. The kids love to go there and read and read and read....As long as they aren't hungry, they never complain.

I love this picture.  If you look close you can tell Karsen has a jacket on under her coat. That's how North Carolinians dress in Ohio. LOL There weren't too many days that were brutally cold, so we really can't complain!

Some other random things from the past few weeks.
Dylan went to another 7th grade "social"... He truly loves middle school.  He is thriving socially and academically.

He loves music lately. He has such an ear, and he is the opposite of Karsen, he LOVES piano. He is constantly hearing a song from the soundtrack in a movie, and then he goes to the keyboard and tries to play it by ear. He does a great job!


He is excited about the Hunger Games movie coming to theaters this coming weekend! The entire 7th grade is going to see it on a field trip. Awesome! (I wish I could go!)

I hope I am not jinxing us by proclaiming that I believe we have dodged a bullet! This past winter in Ohio was so mild. It was still cold to us of course, but not nearly as cold as it was last winter.

I am so happy to say that it seems that spring has sprung. Last week we went to an outdoor mall without jackets. This weekend was even more beautitful. We wore shorts! Daffodils are blooming in every direction you look, and my tulips are coming up. One full month earlier than they did last year. Crazy! We rode bikes today around the neighborhood and it was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine.

So, as you can see all is well with us. We have made it through our second winter in Ohio, or so it seems. I will keep you posted. We did hear thunder today, and there is an old Indian-saying that when you hear thunder in March, snow follows one week later. OH NO!

I have my flip flops out, and there is no turning back! :)

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