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Saturday, November 5, 2011

BOO at the ZOO

The Columbus Zoo may very well be the best Zoo in the US. That is what we heard over and over again when we moved here. We checked it out right when we moved here, and it remains one of the best places to visit for fun for the whole fam.

This past weekend they had their annual BOO at the ZOO weekend.

Half of the kids wore their Halloween costumes. Can you guess which one?

Karsen decided to save her Halloween costume the actual "Holiday" and decided to dress as a "punk rocker" instead....

I did not point out that's basically how she dresses lately anyway. LOL.

Dylan saw plenty of Batman costumes and they all had something to say about his Joker costume. He had so much fun playing the part. He is a very convincing Joker. Shocker.

We had a great time walking around...trick or treating at different stops along the way. I did not complain that it was getting COLD once. Hot cider along the way really helped. BOO at the ZOO was a fun day!

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