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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Midwestern Fountain

On our last trip to the great Midwest we had a fun day of shopping. This shopping center/mall was just awesome. There were so many stores there that we don't have here in NC. Karsen and I took our time meandering around and then took a break from window-shopping to have some lemonade by a huge fountain. Chris and Dyan hit up the massive LEGO store (of course) and then snuck up on us girls hanging out here.

I love our flip flops side by side here.

I think its funny that our heads are both slightly tilted here. Chris didn't realize I was actually day-dreaming about the Tiffany & Co and Henri Bendel stores. HA!

I turned around to smile at Chris (and the camera), check out what kinda goodies Dylan got at the LEGO store, and Karsen jumped up to share her lemonade with Daddy. She knows it is his fave. We had a great weekend in Columbus, and I definitely think I could get used to shopping here. I did hear someone say that the fountain usually freezes around November! WHAT?! Getting used to the winter weather might be another story!


Foursons said...

Sounds like a great day!

Lisa said...

great pictures!!

karlie said...

Awesome pics...love the mother daughter shots...I see that you have double jointed elbows...haha...SO DO I!

Deciduous Heather