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Monday, May 3, 2010

Rotation #1, Geriatrics=Men Never Change

I have officially started my P-4 rotations! YAY! The first three years of Pharmacy school are didactic; all classroom work and exams. The last year consists of 9 month-long rotations at 8 different sites (Internal Med is 2 months long). It is basically like working for free, or rather paying to work because I will still be billed for tuition (ouch!). Although, it is an essential part of my education before I am allowed to take the Boards and get my Pharmacy license. WOO-HOO~

May is my Geriatrics rotation. It is at a very nice Long Term Care Facility. Actually, THE nicest LTCF around these parts, and I had no idea how nice it was until I got there this morning. It is like the Hilton or Waldorf-Astoria of rest homes. No kidding. There were 5 different dining room with menus and linen tableclothes and full silverware settings at each seat. WOW! I almost forgot where I was! 

It seemed like the perfect enviroment considering it was a LTCF. Women were sitting around knitting afghans, playing bingo, laughing and quilting. I wanted to sit down and join them!

Native American Tribes of NC

Men were playing pool on a Monday morning, doing water aerobics, and playing corn hoe toss. Every once in a while we would pass a lounge of someone playing piano for a group that was enjoying an impromptu game of karaoke. Everyone seemed happy to be there. It really warmed my heart and made me look forward to working with these patients during this month.

My first interaction today was with a man that was cruising by at about 55 mph on his scooter (seriously?! clear the hallway, people!)

He stopped in front of my preceptor (the boss) for the month and the 3 of us students. Then he looked at me and said, "Are you from another country?"...I answered him and said "No, sir, I'm not??" and then he said "You look Indian or something or another". This cracked me up, because although I am bi-racial, no one ever knows that until I tell them. My sisters and my mom obviously look ethnic, while I have always "blended" more....because of how close this particular comment "hit home" with me, it just made me chuckle, and I told him with a smile that I was Indian, Native American actually.
He says, "I knew it! I can't half-way see, but I can always spot em'!"
Then he spins his tires on his lil scooter and takes off around the corner. It was very funny (and random)! I was left wondering about the fact that if he couldn't "half-way see", then maybe his scooter driver's license needs to be revoked! Gotta love lil' old men! Still driving fast and checkin' out women even when they're 90+ years old. Bless his heart, men never change.


Foursons said...

Hahaha- that is too funny! I love that when we get old we no longer have to be politically correct either.

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

haha!! I am laughing so hard. "half way" see??? Come on, guy. I love the post-and it actually make me look forward to that season of life. Sounds delightful to "relax" in an rocking chair, with nothing much to do?!

Deciduous Heather