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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bragging Rights

Hey!!! I know I have been MIA lately. Life has reached another level of busy and crazy, but we are here and alive and well.

I am having a delicious Saturday morning. We slept in, and I had the rare treat of waking up beside my sweet husband. He is home for the weekend, and his visit feels like perfect timing. After a quiet breakfast, we are spending some time looking at the pictures of our future home in OH, making plans....talking about paint colors, fireplace mantles, and fences. It has been 10 months since he left to work in another state, and it feels so good to be "making plans" for when we are all back together again in a few short months. I can't wait. I also can't wait for tonight, because we have a date night planned too. YAY!

My rotation is going well. I could pretty much write a book about all the funny and quirky things that come out of the mouths of the sweet elderly residents there. It has truly been a joy, and going into my last week there... I know I will truly be sad to leave them. I do feel like I have learned a ton, and I had a great midpoint evaluation. I promise to share more indepth details about a few experiences very soon.

The kids are doing great!
I have to apologize for not having any recent pictures of them to share. Our digital camera suffered a severe and fatal blow during a recent trip to the zoo. Sadly, it did not make it. LOL~ So, we are in need of a new camera, but right now that is at the bottom of my TO-DO list. Plus, Chris is the "electronically savvy" part of this tandem that is our marriage. He is extremely anal detail-oriented and wants to check out all the "new technology" and make an "informed and well thought-out decision" before we get a new camera....LOL, OK...so I am going to leave that to him! I am the kinda girl that would walk into Target and say, "Awww, how SWEET is that hot pink camera?! I'll take it!"

...and THEN when I get home....Chris would be all like "how many megapixels" or something or another...and I would say "Mega-WHAT? I don't care cause it was just too MEGA-CUTE!"  Anyhoo, we have decided to let HIM be involved in purchasing the next camera. Tangent over.

Back to the original thought, the kids are GREAT. Please allow me to brag just a little bit.....

We have had such a trying year, but I am happy to report they are doing well and even thriving. I knew Dylan had grown alot, but I was shocked when we went to his 10 yr well check-up and found out he was 5 ft 2.5 in TALL and is 95% in height and is projected to be 6-3.

 I KNEW he was eating 24-7, (seriously, he eats more than me and Karsen put together) but it was a bit shocking that this child-o-mine was so BIG! When did this happen? He also started karate this past February and has really enjoyed it. This past week he got to test for and qualified for his yellow belt in karate.


It was a very happy day for him, and I was very proud. Also, his first of 4 EOGs (end of grade tests) was this past Thursday, and he passed "with flying colors" (his teacher's words!) too. He has awful test anxiety, and almost got sick before his exam! So, we were really happy to hear that he did well. I just had to brag!

I am mostly proud of him for other reasons.... he has really grown up and matured alot this past year. I think he has taken the brunt of his Daddy working out-of-state 95% of the time, but he has handled it well and has taken on more responsibility for me here at home. I am really looking forward to later this summer when he is back with his Daddy and does not have to deal with a house full of estrogen all the time.

Dylan loves his Daddy! Right now, they are actually doing what he does best; playing the XBOX360 and Dylan is basically in hog-heaven.

Speaking of estrogen...ahem....Karsen is great! LOL~ She really has had a wonderful year in the 2nd grade. She still LOVES gymnastics, and she actually just got moved up to level 3 yesterday! I am so proud of her. She just started gymnastics in February, so she really is moving along nicely. According to her, it is her most favorite thing ever!

Karsen (left) with her cousin, Leah, at gymnastics (they are both PROS at "striking a pose")

She also worked extremely hard on her reading log this year. Here in their school, they have the Reading Olympics, where if you read more than 3,000 pages during any given school year, you get recognized at the end of the school year by Congressman Bob Etheridge. Lots of awards and medals and applause and such......Well, Karsen read her little heart out, and ended up winning 2nd place for the 2nd grade by reading.......drumroll, please.....

13,809 pages this year!!!

Again, I was so proud of her, I coulda just busted! The most gratifying thing for me was to see her get the award after being here with her and watching her read night after night after night. She loves to read, and she diligently documented everything single book she read week after week this past year.

I could just cry if I think about all the upheaval and change that we have gone through and are still in the midst of this past year. It makes me so happy to know that despite all this, the kids are still doing so well. I am one thankful and very proud Momma! Thanks for letting me brag a bit. Enjoy your weekend! :)


Foursons said...

Yay for hubby being home for the weekend! Your kiddos are going great, you have so many reasons to be proud. :D

Lisa said...

Good to hear from you! So glad things are going well for all! Enjoy your week!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

You have every right to "brag"! haha! You have got some amazing, beautiful, smart kids! I love to see kids happy, thriving, and living a blessed life. Your kiddos certainly are doing just that. I hope you got a MEGA cute camera :) and I loved reading your updates. If I don't see new posts, I start wondering about 'ya, Heather. Glad all is well and you've been doing so great! Happy Summer, my friend.
slightly jealous to see you slept in :)

Beth said...

Congrats to your family for making it through the "tough times!" You kids are beautiful!!

Deciduous Heather