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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flowers, Pharmacy, Finals

Well, Next week is FINALS! It is do or die time. All my work leads up to doing well on my finals. I have two days left to prepare for a 16 week long cumulative Pharmacology class. YIKES No worries.....SO, ask me what I am doing today....Am I spending my time wisely, not procrastinated and doing the work that is required to make an A on Monday morning???........well, um, YES, kinda.....

In an indirect kinda way that is...

Did you know I love this flower?

Peppermint Vincas

They are soooo pretty when they start blooming, and they grow fast, love the sun, and the key for me is: They are VERY hard to kill. Absolutely essential.

But, did you know.......
The VINCA flowers are used to make an anti-cancer drug? WOW~ I did not know it until last week either.

Evidently, they are used as a plant alkaloid base and the active pharmaceutical ingredient of the flower is used to cause a depolymerization of the microtubulins in the cell cycle specific M phase of mitosis. So, um.....it basically messes up the (cancer) cell's ability to reproduce, grow, and multiply.....

Whoa, that is cooooool. These pretty thangs will be scattered around our front door by the end of the day.

I also visited the prettiest nursery yesterday and walked around aimlessly with my very wise best friend from school~ well, let's not be coy, she is a straight-up genious and knows so much about so many things. We were walking around and she was spouting off the common name and sometimes the latin names (seriously?) of all the flowers, and all I saw was
"oh, that is a pretty white one. I like the yellow one"
~ lol. So, she points out one and says, "That is Foxglove".

I recognize Foxglove.

So, did you know........

Foxglove is also an alkaloid product whose active pharmaceutical ingredient is digitalis. It is used to make an anti-arrhythmic drug used to prevent and basically controls weird heart beats in cardiac patients. The drug is called Digoxin! You've heard of it, huh?

Whoa, that is soooooo cool.

This one is also going to be gracing my front door steps.

So, indirectly, today as I am playing in the yard, ahem, I mean as I am working hard planting flowers, I will IN FACT be studying. For Pharmacology. Pharmacy school-focused even on this gorgeous Saturday. Seriously. I promise.

Does my procrastination sound adequately justified to you?
Hey, I know finals are coming up, but it is 90 degrees here in sun-shiney rural heaven, and I want to spend it outside.

So, shoot me.

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