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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fourth grade

The day before school started,
Karsen had meet-the-teacher and picture day.

Her plaque is up too!

Karsen designed the cover for her school's annual Earth day calendar.
She was also the first 3rd grader to ever win!
She is so proud of her tree.
And I am glad she has a couple more years
left in Elementary school there
so we can watch it grow.
Speaking of growing....

She is so excited about fourth grade.
All of a sudden she is 9 and on her way...
So independent and grown up in so many ways.
She is a leader and thinks outside of the box!

She is proactive in every, single thing she does.
She is very "Type A" and prepared the night before
to do what she needs to do the next day.
Her outfit is picked out with matching headband and everything.
She is way more confident than I have ever been.
(I think she gets that from her Daddy) ;)

We have been "practicing" fractions for weeks because
she struggled with them at the end of 3rd grade
and she is bound and determined to figure them out!

She keeps asking
"What's fourth grade like?"
"Is it hard?"
"I hope I do well"
We are sure you will, Karsen!
Happy first day of fourth grade, Karsen Grace!

1 comment:

karlie said...

ok so just in the time that ive known you, your kids have changed so much! And Karsen's legs and simply to die for. yay for a new school year! xo from florida!

Deciduous Heather