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Saturday, July 16, 2011

You can hear me on the radio!

OK, Well maybe you can't...but I do have a neat story to share. Since I became a working Mom last month, I now have a favorite radio station that I found for my morning commute. It is 104.9 FM "The River". It is a Christian radio station whose motto is they are "kid safe and family friendly". I found it on the way to my interview wayyyy back in March and have been listening to it ever since.

They always have a "family name game" each morning about 7:30AM. They will announce the name of the day and if you have a child with that name, you can call in for a chance to win a prize! This past week I was listening as usual, sipping my morning coffee, and they announced the name "Evan" as the name of the day and "if you are the mother of an Evan, give us a call and you can win an awesome prize for the whole family!" I was thinking, they may have Dylan as the name one morning, but I doubt they will have the name Karsen, ever! Well the very next morning.....

"If you are the mother of a Carson, give us a call and brag all about Carson!  If you are the fourth caller you and you family will win Family Fun Passes to Kings Island! Call now for your chance to win!

I couldn't believe it! Just as soon as I claimed they would  NEVER call the name, Karsen, they did! I called just as fast as I could! It went something like this:

Mary & Josh in the morning voices answer the phone: "Good morning, thanks for calling 104.9FM THE RIVER!"

Me:" Oh...Hey! This is Heather and I am calling because I am the mother of a Karsen! It's Karsen with a K, so I hope that counts!?"

Mary & Josh:"Of course it counts, tell us about your son!"

Me: "Well, Karsen is my daughter, she is 9 and loves everything girlie! She is fiercely independent, loves math, reading and cooking!"

Mary & Josh: "What's Karsen up to this summer?"

Me: "She and her brother are going to a fun Summer Day Camp, and in a couple of weeks they will be heading to NC to spend time with their grandparents too!"

Mary & Josh" "well thanks for calling and telling us all about Karsen! You are the fourth caller and YOU WON!"

I was the fourth caller, and I WON! LOL~ It was a fun start to the day. I got the tickets the next day in the mail for free admission for the whole family! It is basically OH's version of Disneyland!

(google images)
So, we are heading to Kings Island, in Southern OHIO for a fun day in the sun very soon!   I am not sure if we will ride this ride:

(google images)
Ahhhhhh! I doubt it~ but, I am sure we will have fun!

1 comment:

Foursons said...

OK, you aren't going to believe this one, but I have been to King's Island several times as a kid. We used to drive to NY state in the summer to visit family and King's Island was one of our stops. Small world! Thanks for bringing back the memories. And congrats on your win- FUN!

Deciduous Heather