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Sunday, June 5, 2011

hope plus faith equals matthew 7:7

First day of my new job is tomorrow!
(Dont'cha just love first days.... um, nope!) 
First day of practicing as a Pharmacist.
(Am I ready, do I know enough, am I being punked, are y'all for real?!)
I have everything I need for my first day...i hope...
  1. White coat....Check!
  2. Stethoscope....Hmmm, I need to find that before the day is over. (I think I saw the kids playing with it a couple weeks ago....checking Miley's heart rate lol)
  3. Positive attitude in place....Check!
I am ready!
I will meet some of my new patients on the very first day.
I hope they are open to having a new person poke on them and ask them personal questions.
I hope I don't get any really difficult patients on the first day.
I hope they like my accent.
I hope.....
(google images)
So long starving, trying, Pharmacy student (while married with children) life.  Hello, World! I hope I am ready. I have faith that I am.

1 comment:

karlie said...

Good luck on your first day! All that work for this day! Hurray. I hope you LOVE your job. Let's catch up soon k?

Deciduous Heather