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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

River Whispers

River Whispers
(photo copyrighted by C. H. Kennedy Studios ©)

Chris painted this oil painting of me in 2005. The picture was taken when the kids were very young. Dylan was 2 and Karsen was about 8 months old. Circa Spring 2002. We were vacationing in the mountains of NC with Chris' parents. At some point during the trip, I took advantage of having the grandparents around and snuck away for some quiet alone time. I was sitting beside the Nantahala River that ran behind our hotel in Cherokee, NC, and Chris snuck up behind me to take this picture. He painted it  a few years later, and it now graces one of the walls of our home. I love it! I know I am extremely biased...but I think my husband is pretty talented!

The painting is special to me because it reminds me of how I felt being a young mother of two. I felt so blessed and certainly stressed at the same time. The contrast between feeling so much joy and love for your children and then carrying the heavy responsibility of wanting to be the best mom you can. It is not an easy time by any means. Those moments of solitude are few and far between when your babies are that young. I remember!

Yet, looking back... this time in my life went by so fast. Too fast. I miss it! If you are a young mom, who feels busy, stressed, and tired all the time...don't let that keep you from treasuring all those moments along the way because they are fleeting. And PRICELESS!

I also love the painting because it is of one of our favorite places in NC.  It is such a beautiful place to visit, and I have never seen anything more gorgeous than the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC in the Fall. Can't wait to go back for a much needed vacation to peacefully sit by the river again.


Foursons said...

Wow, what a talented husband you have! What a great memory of such a sweet time.

Lisa said...

wow! very talented hubby! but I think what impressed me the most (concerning him painting it) was that he took a picture of you, and then later on, took the time to paint you too! Awesome. Even romantic. :) yes, the time goes by fast, I just hug Little Man sometimes, and repeat to myself, He's My Baby....

karlie and brett said...

I know what those moments are like...and im trying to live each day feeling ever blessed! And my what a gift...a true gift Chris has...

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Ok your husband is WAY talented! I had to stare at that forever-I can't believe he actually painted it!

And your post about taking those breathers...remembering that it's all going to be okay with babes at your feet-I couldn't have said it better. I stressed waAy too much about ridiculous things when my girls were toddlers together. Now I feel like, with my boys, I have a fresh perspective-and it's a good thing cuz they certainly give me a run for my money most days. But it just goes too fast- those tender moments are fleeting and I am constantly trying to maintain a balance and keep the world out. I fail all the time, but some days I get it right :)
thanks for this sweet reminder, Heather.

Deciduous Heather