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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The talk of the town

Oh..the excitement might be too much for me to bear!! It's the talk of the town that it might snow here in NC this coming weekend, have you heard?

We tend to get a little crazy 'round these parts about the prospect of snow, so it does get a litte exciting as the media coverage begins to mount.  The grocery stores get bombarded, and schools start delaying/cancelling class due to anticipatory snow!  Strangers even ask you, "Ya ready for the snow?" at the local grocery store as you are grabbing the last loaf of bread and gallon of milk that will surely save your life in the event of a pure blizzard. Sadly, 80% of the time the excitement is short-lived and we hardly ever see any fluffy, white stuff. Oh...but we can hope in the meantime...

Karsen & Dylan, Snow Day, January 2007
(See the snow on the deck?)

And, hopeful we are.... for the possibility of a snow day. The SNOW hoopla has officially started. It may or may not snow here this Friday and Saturday~WOO HOO! Promise I will keep you posted on the pending precipiation. (Was that unintentional alliteration?) ;)


Together We Save said...

We are the same way here.... hoping that is.... just in case the snow comes, the high school has moved the basketball game from friday to thursday, our grocery stores are crowded too. I mean we have never had enough snow here that I could not "make it" to the store. People are so funny.

Foursons said...

We got all that hoopla back in December and there was 5 minutes of barely visible flurries.

Lisa said...

too funny! here in Maine, we don't want snow days! it means making them up in the spring, if the kids get too many of them! and no one is afraid of the snow here...snow shmow! we are counting the days until SPRING!!!

Deciduous Heather